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Firstly well done to Bruno and Ludovic for producing a true masterpiece. This game will be a classic, for sure.

I ordered the excellent player mat with my WGUMCD kickstarter pledge, however I can’t get it to lie flat

There’s a nasty crease running down the middle of the mat, that I’ve tried to flatten out with weights and also a hot iron, but to no avail.

Does anyone else have this problem, or a solution to this issue?

I suspect that the underlying neoprene was folded when it was still hot just after bonding to the playing surface, and that is why it won’t now flatten out.

As you will imagine, the problem is annoying, so any suggestions gratefully received
Hello :)

First, for your information, I would like quote a message I wrote few days ago :
Firebird wrote:
About the playmat, I copy (and try to translate) this message from the author (from the wave 1 if I remember correctly) :
(source FR)
"BrunoS" wrote:

We have chosen to offer a game accessory for less than $ 20 (about 16 €), with shipping costs for most of 1 or 2 € only.

This choice involved proposing the playmat in a rectangular box (versus tube) with as a result - explained in detail during the campaign - the possible presence of folds on the playmat.

From experience, ours and those of many contributors, to maintain the rolled playmat makes it possible to eliminate most of the folds.

In this context, we can replace playmats with tear-like defects, or printing errors, but not those with folds because the new copy would most likely have the same folds.

thanks for your understanding


In my case, I receive the mat with wave 1 and store it in a tube. After a few months, the fold has almost completely disappeared.
I hope it will be the same for you!
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Thanks for this advice - I’ll follow up on this.
Much appreciated
I have found the same thing. I keep it in a rolled state, and after several months, the creases are almost all gone. Not completely, but they are gone enough that the matt lies flat with no issues for game play. Just have a little patience and as long as it is not a hard crease, it will work it's way out.
Rolled, not folded is a solution. I keep mine in a drawing tube, a one like this (I cannot show you how it really looks like):

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