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On card 702
the last air terrain card before the curse is lifted
I get stuck in an endless loop of pulling 753 cards
trying to navigate out of the canyon
. I have 730
Plate anemometer
in my journal.

I draw 734+Myna=747. It tells me to draw 734 and return this. 734 tells me to draw 732+Wind= 753. There are three green 753 and one gold 753. First green 753 tells me to draw another 753 and banish this. Second green 753 tells me to draw a 753 and banish this. Third green 753 tells me to choose to fly above 678 or below 688. Neither option matters because they both say the same thing: return 1 banished 753 card and go back to the beginning at 734. So now there are two green 753 cards and one gold 753 left in the box. I take a 753 that tells me banish it and take another. That next 753 tells me to choose up or down again which tells me to return 1 banished 753 card and start back at 734. I see no way out of then endless loop of banishing and unbanishing 753 cards and never getting to the gold 753. I gave up and just read the gold 753 which is the victory for A Prison of Clouds.

I’m very confused. This isn’t my first curse so I feel like I know how to play the game but the four people in my group couldn’t figure out how to get past this endless loop of an ending.

There is also a typo on both 678 and 688 that makes me think this whole ending is just borked.
Return 1 753 card that that had been banished
Not broken. :) There is a way out of the loop, you just have to look a bit closer.

Get out your magnifier and check out K1733.
Thank you so much! I feel so dumb we missed that but we've never seen
a hidden number
on a non-terrain card. Is there a lot more like that we've been missing?
I'd estimate that there are hidden numbers on 10% of terrain cards, maybe a little less. Few if any are ever required to progress a curse, but yes, you're missing a lot!
As for the hidden numbers on non-terrain cards, there are a few :card_grey: cards with them.
Also some "bridge" cards have hidden numbers. All of those are usually quite helpful if spotted.
Keep looking :ninja:.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game5 posts