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Updated card list is available in the Downloads section.
You can find out interesting things by looking at it.
Of course, if you don't want to know anything, don't read this.

First some non-spoilery stuff:
  • Numbered cards range from 000 to 999
  • No number is missing between 000-914 (hooray for no gaps)
  • There are only 4 cards between 915-999 (including the 999 itself, which must be something horrible :-))

Now let's look at the numbers that are present in WGUMCD and also in the base game.
There are more of some well-known numbers, to increase variability.
Then there are duplicates of several
terrain cards all around the continent.
These are probably not alternative cards but
white "cloud" cards used to land your balloon on the original terrain.
(not a spoiler if you followed the KS2 campaign)

There is one more thing I noticed which I cannot interpret, but still consider quite a spoiler:
The "The End" card for each existing curse seems to have an alternate (?) version in WGUMCD !:ninja:
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Interesting info!

Duplicated terrain numbers are probably mostly but not exclusively the cloud cards. Some of the KS updates talk about adding alternative terrain cards.

Excited about the variant Ends. I wonder if that's a mechanic or just some alternate flavor snippets to add a little bit of a reason to replay them. Either way I'm happy.
OK, about that last big spoiler:
Probably an alternate ending for Fogg and Passerpout, since they're in the original ending.

Forbidden Sanctuary:
Milton is mentioned, so maybe an alternate end for Anjika? That would be nice since I didn't love the end of this curse.

Anyway, those are my wild speculations!
About the last spoiler
I think they are for immortal mode

There every time you die, you need to remove the green version of on of the end cards
:flag_curse_sm: VG: :icon_succes: PoC: :icon_succes: IM: :icon_succes:
CS :card_pick:009: :icon_succes:, :card_pick:123: :icon_succes::icon_succes:
To make reading the list easier I created a sort and filterable list here
:flag_curse_sm: VG: :icon_succes: PoC: :icon_succes: IM: :icon_succes:
CS :card_pick:009: :icon_succes:, :card_pick:123: :icon_succes::icon_succes:
Thank you JackSpirio ! :-):thumb_up:
:resource_fire: Firebird :resource_fire: (Phoenixeux sur TT)
[DV :icon_curse::icon_curse::icon_succes:] [OG :icon_curse::icon_curse::icon_curse:*:icon_succes:] [LG :icon_succes:] [CD+SI :icon_curse::icon_curse:] [SI :icon_curse:] [CD :icon_curse::icon_success-left: :icon_success-right:**] [SI+TS en cours]
*[Histoire-T7C :icon_succes_7:] **[Pénitence :icon_curse:+Funéraille:icon_success-left:]
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JackSpiro's guess is correct.
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Thanks for that great list of 1927 cards!

I made a card type breakdown from it:

I think that will make some sleeving calculators happy (myself, I'll continue to sleeve everything except "Adventure - other" like I've done with the original set and old expansions, do as you please). There might be some new "hot" numbers in the "Adventure - other" section that should get their own heading, but I don't know yet, haven't unpacked my cards yet. But it shouldn't change very much, get an extra pack of 50 sleeves and you'll be safe. :)

If you want to check my calculations, you can see them here:
There are some new states in WGUMCD, card numbers
750, 800
I decided to sleeve 777 and 888 modes, so they are easy to find. I got my game yesterday, already done with sleaving :whistling:
I also sleeve other minor groups, as a matter of personal preference
30, 49, 91, 97, 172, 310, 333, 450, 463
and some bigger but arguably not-so-frequently used ones
350, 500

As for the original topic - I'm really looking forward to the new
91, 172, 310
cards (and roots and other stuff of course ...)
Thanks for your suggestions, Dill, I might do something similar.

Putting all the new cards in yesterday made me really impatient to get to play the game again!
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