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in last game, I was not sure about this:

- I had a stack of two items in my inventory. The top card had keywords: Stamina and stealth on it, the card below the main one had only Stamina
- I used hero ability where I could gain something if I discard one of my inventory cards. I chose to discard the second card (with only stamina keyword)
- now it left me only with the top card (stamina/stealth)
- I draw stealth card
- can I attach it under the (stamina/stealth) one or does it still keep "stamina" keyword and I need to follow only stamina for the rest of the game (card existence)?

A card that is discarded is just gone, the item stack has no memory of it. Using character abilities to free up item stack space is one of their main uses.

That said, it sounds like you might be playing the combining items rules a bit wrong. You could build the Stealth item even if both other cards were in the stack, as long as it wasn't at the limit of items it could hold (4/3/3/2 in a 1/2/3/4 player game, respectively.)

When you build an item, you can put it in any item stack in any involved characters inventory regardless of what keyword(s) that stack uses. If there is room in the stack for an item, can put the item there.

Then, you check if the card you just added shares any keywords with the top card of the stack. You don't check the keywords on other cards in the stack at all. If there's at least one keyword in common between the top card and the new card, you add the listed durability of the new item to the stack's durability die. If there isn't, you don't get to add durability, but you are still allowed to put the item in that stack.

So, in your example:
- If you have fewer than 3 people, you can add a new card without discarding the Stamina card. If the new card matches Stamina or Stealth (which in your example it does) you get durability, otherwise not. Whether or not to discard the Stamina card won't make a difference to how much durability you get.
- If you have 4 people, you can't add a third card to an item stack that has two cards in it. You will have to discard the stamina card to make room in the stack, but not because you want to remove its keywords. All that matters in terms of keywords is whether the new card matches the remaining, top card.
perfect, thanks a lot!
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