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A card has the following text:
during the result step, you may choose up to 2 of the revealed skull cards and shuffle them back into the action deck as if you had not revealed them

This card is card number:
340: Glowing

The question:

Rules page 12 state that it is during the result step when a skull card is revealed, you end the game.

If you only have the discard pile left, this card indicates if you do the action it relates to, and draw a skull card, you can then create a new action deck from that skull card, and not die ('as if it had not been revealed')

Just want to clarify that this is the interpretation of the text, or whether it is meant to only apply to cards drawn from the action deck, and not from the discard pile.
Don't want to be spoil :) I'll ask Bruno
You should put the number of the card in the title.

- Any folks that already met the card could help
- In the futur, we can expect more and more of this kind of support

@Kamille, should some rules publish to post the right way ?
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Here is your answer:

This effect allows you – when you perform a "spot/detect" or a "search/examine" action – to put up to 2 Curse cards you have revealed back into the Action Deck.
If you still have an Action Deck then, you put the Skull cards in it.
If you drew them from the Discard then you DO NOT LOSE THE GAME and can create a new Action Deck containing 1 or 2 Curse cards.
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